Babes in Bikeland

I am going to pause and not talk about bikes for a moment, instead I will talk about babes. Not hot babes (unfortunately), but babes as in babies. Babies that are yours from the time they come out of you until they reach college. Well, they are yours forever, I suppose, not just eighteen years.


Recently, I had a break down. Last year, to be exact. It was a pivotal moment, I was considering doctoral-ism. All of a sudden, a time table flashed before my eyes. I am(was) 28, a PhD is going to take approximately five years. Then, a deep voice said to me, ‘but when are you going to have a baby?’ I immediately wept. It was too much pressure. Why was I required to think about this, about procreating? Why is it my decision? Why do I have to think about it at all until I am absolutely and really ready? Why must I be the procreator? Can’t someone else be the procreator?


This was all part of my break down. On a normal day, I don’t think about having children. In fact, it rarely crosses my mind.




When I see someone on their bike with a little trailer on the back. The windows are screened. And it is covered in reflectors.
Then, I think to myself, ‘if I have a baby that is what we will do.’

About Katlyn

Bike commuter, environmental scientist, community advocate, feminist, foodie and traveler I love cycling and commuting.
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2 Responses to Babes in Bikeland

  1. Abigail Rolbiecki says:

    Hi Katlyn- Abby (your long lost cousin, here). Love the blog. I resonated, deeply with this entry! 1) you can absolutely do a PhD and have kids. 🙂 I did. It is difficult…very very difficult. But, doable. We can chat if you want. 2) Definitely understand your thoughts about procreating. Society tells women that in order to be successful, and womanly, you should have X amount of kids, by X time, live in X-kind of neighborhood, with your lover and two pets…you need to choose between a) being a stay-at-home mom, or a career mom. Both have consequences…both are seriously scrutinized. And, you must do all of that while maintaining a body size acceptable for society, and look like a supermodel while doing it. F U C K E D U P. 3) We LOVE taking Lennon on bike rides, and we’re definitely the people with the kid cart, baby helmet, and flag. 🙂

    Great read.


    • Katlyn says:

      Thanks Abby, I am glad my entry was relate-able. Often times, I feel like many people do not consider it (it being career and children and where they intersect or even if they don’t, together or ever) in the same manner as me. I have seen your photos on FB and I commend and congratulate you for your long journey as a PhD and you and your partner’s happy choice to have Lennon. It is nice to feel some solidarity in the stress of social pressures as a woman. Some days are worse than others.

      I’d love to keep in touch as well! Take care, you beautiful family!


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