The Hostile Commute

Some days the commute feels more hostile than others. Everyday there is an ebb and flow to the patterns of motorists on the road. And when you switch from major thoroughfares to neighborhood streets or sometimes even a bike lane, it is easy to recognize the vast difference. This difference may occur when you realize the volume of cars is less, the speed of cars is a lot less, and the speed of your heart rate is less. Because it slows after removing yourself from that high stress, high speed environment.


Safety from the Hostility

Today, the drivers seemed to whiz by at rates greater than normal. In contrast to my leisurely commute yesterday, there was a greater sense of urgency today. I felt this through the majority of my trip. It was magnified when I was at an intersection, going straight and a motorist passed me to get in my lane and then turn right. At which point, it almost caused a collision and obscenities to be yelled. I was happy to turn off the busy Bardstown Road onto a neighborhood street shortly after and afterwards a street with a bike lane. I mean geez, it was barely after seven. The main reason I leave so early is to avoid the crazy drivers and rush hour traffic.


Some days it is easy to feel terrorized on the street. Usually, I can’t wait to get out of there. And I have to remember to breathe. Breathe.




About Katlyn

Bike commuter, environmental scientist, community advocate, feminist, foodie and traveler I love cycling and commuting.
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4 Responses to The Hostile Commute

  1. bribikes says:

    Yikes! Glad you are okay, city traffic is insane! I bike through cities but my commute is rural-I feel very thankful. Some of those drivers just need to take a chill pill 🙂


  2. Eric Ketterer says:

    Usually in rush hour traffic I feel as though I’m constantly in danger…which is sad considering I’m still in a car. I can only imagine how terrifying it is for a biker. Constantly have to worry about that many jackasses who feel more important than everyone else. Don’t tail a biker, it makes matters worse, and show some damn patience.
    Ride safe and talk to ya later,
    Your buddy, Eric!


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