Bike Carrying Dilemma

In my mind, I have a fetish of carting around as much crap as possible, on my bike. I fantasize about having trailers, young children in front seated bikes (young children that I don’t have), friends in the back seat, and businesses on side bike cars. But I’m not there yet, which is probably why I romanticise these acts.


Yuba Mundo

The most I carry is an outdated, heavy laptop and some science books, which has proven difficult on its own. The problem is that now I commute ten miles one way. It becomes more necessary to have carrying equipment rather than carrying it on your back the whole way. Otherwise, you may end up with SBS (sweaty back syndrome). And when you have to look semi nice for the j-o-b, SBS is not going to cut it.

Today, I packed up two panniers to even out the weight on the bike. I have two, one that I love and one that I hate. The one that I love is the Banjo Brothers pannier that easily hooks onto the bike rack with sturdy, metal hooks. It also comes with the wonderful feature of backpack straps so that when you remove it, you can easily carry it around as a bag item.

You can purchase one here.

The one that I hate is more of a cube, a canvas cube (from here on out, called Canvas Cube). The cube clips on with plastic hooks which I am counting down the days for them to break and fall off. It also slides back and forth on the rack causing my heel to clunk it in each revolution, further concerning me that I will knock it right off the rack.

I won’t tell you the name of this one, because one, I don’t remember, and two, why would I give you a link to buy a crappy pannier?

But the major dilemma is the sharing of the weight on both sides. Yes, I could have easily packed up my cherished Banjo Brothers pannier and said forget it to Canvas Cube, but it makes for an unnecessary resistance during the ride. Even if I had two Banjo Brother backpack strap panniers. How am I going to walk around with two backpacks? That doesn’t make much sense.

So, I am shopping for rear trunk bags, big enough to fit a 13 inch laptop. That, or I plan to find a milk crate and strap it onto the rear rack. Hopefully, my huge computer will fit.

What are your favorite ways to carry?
Click here for some tips for carrying by bike. 

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