Beloved Cycling Products

Work in Progress!

Light and Motion

My lover purchased me a light and motion set several years ago out of concern for my safety on the bike. These lights are great because they are long lasting, bright, have great visibility, and are rechargeable via USB. They cost a lot but they are worth it. They have easily attachable stretchy buckles and can be used on practically anything, not just your bike. I finally replaced them with a new set after five years, but only the front headlight needed replacement. The lights also have a year guarantee.

Combo Urban 650

Buckshot Speaker

The Buckshot speaker is a small, Bluetooth speaker with a flexible attachment. It is not necessarily meant for a bicycle because it can be used everywhere. I recently took it on the pontoon boat where it entertained our group the whole day! It is also rechargeable via USB and to top it off, it is cheap. Don’t jeopardize your safety with headphones.

Purchase a Buckshot Speaker Here


Bern Helmet

I believe I have the Berkeley style helmet from Bern WITH the visor. This is important! The visor keeps the sun out of your eyes. You won’t need sunglasses with the Bern built in visor. I love the Bern helmet for this reason alone. Well, plus the fact that it protects my beautiful brain. Wear a helmet people. I didn’t for years and I am not sure what I was thinking.

Bern Unlimited Berkeley Helmet

Lock System

Standard Bike Rack

Fat Strap Bungee Cord

Saris Bones Bike Rack